The Ice Claw Clan Found

Our little band of adventurers have may their way, with their new friend the eladrin Galliean, to the town of Gemetz. This is the largest city that is within a day of the Spine. Here they learn of more trouble and start their way to solving the mystery of the Draco Lords.

While hunting outside Gemetz they discover Allister Scar being attacked by a raiding party of goblins and orcs. Allister is a 1/2 elf sorcerer that has been sent out to discover why and where this party is operating from. As our two heroes come to his rescue they get caught up in the adventure chasing after the Ice Claw Clan.

This clan of orcs and goblins is operating in a small cave just on the edge of the spine. Upon deeper inspection of the cave they find an orc shaman named Iclan who seems to be in control of the clan. After they defeat the shaman they go deeper looking for information about the Draco Lords.

Here they come across and white dragon wyrmling which they defeat with a terrible battle. Justyce finds some implements that will aid them against these dragons while Nokur stumbles on to some more parchment. This parchment describes that wyrmlings are being raised and then released to carry on the legacy their bloodline had left behind.

One of the documents speaks of the ancient bloodline of the Hallenge Clan. These were brown dragons that lived in a vale that was protected by the Spine. Due to its odd formation it created a desert type climate within the dry vale. This became known as the Vale of Hallenge.
This is where our heroes will travel next.



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