The Journey Begins

As the character were living their daily lives, they encounter a being on a dark horse. While seeing this creature they feel and uncomfortable sensation on the birthmark on their right forearms. As they look at the mark they notice that it begins to start and keep a fluid transformation. No form ever really holds and it is in constant motion. The creature then reaches out to them and they remember nothing but blackness. They awaken outside of the gates of the city of Axial. As the rise they see others around them with similar stories.They approach the gates of the city and are then taken, with secured escort, to the temple of one. here they meet the head priest, Ston. Ston informs them that the birthmark marks them as one of the Chosen. The Chosen are those who were selected before birth, by the Gods, to enforce powers upon the realms. There are a series of task that must be completed before the process of being a true Chosen is completed. The first is to go to the Gate of Souls and cure the plague that has taken over the town.



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